Rusty Winchel

Rusty Winchel

With over 35 years of defining and implementing telecommunications projects, Rusty Winchel’s experience in engagement and leadership for all size projects has shown consistent emphasis on quality,  reliability, and scalability. Rusty has the demonstrated ability to translate a desired services portfolio to a network design, taking the process from concept through implementation to create an operational solution.

A consultative approach to defining organizations’ goals in addition to technology solutions has enabled Rusty to address process, policy, and technical obstacles during client engagements. With many of the municipal and government deployments of technology becoming more focused and engaged with their constituents, Rusty’s history of advocacy for underfunded and underserved communities in need has provided a framework for investment by public sector clients in digital equity projects, applications, and training programs, providing significant value beyond the technology solution.

Areas of Proficiency

  • Management of personnel and resources required to design, deploy, and support technology solutions in a global market.
  • Management approach informed by field experience.
  • Knowledgeable of entire communications chain from backbone transport to applications device.
  • Broad command of voice, video, and data transport technologies.
  • Extensive surveillance system applications, deployment, and virtual machine (VM) policy analysis.
  • Broad consultative capabilities to identify organizational needs and priorities and develop business solutions and processes.

Project Experience Highlights

  • National and international deployment of technology and data transport solutions.
  • Fiber network design, deployment, and operation of fiber networks for both private and public sector clients and partners.
  • Surveillance camera integration, consolidation, VM solutions, and network solutions for emergency management, public safety, municipal, and education clients.
  • Successful grant application and project deployment for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), and state-funded broadband programs.

Rusty holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Business Industry and Communications at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. His certifications include MEF Certified Professional and FCC General Class Radio Telephone License.