Dark Fiber Scales to Meet Your
Critical Requirements

Netsync Fiber provides the precise amount of fiber your organization demands to meet your budgetary requirements. Our dark fiber platform scales to meet critical load and bandwidth demands or seasonal fluctuations quickly and efficiently. Our inventory of dark fiber can be accessed to transport your essential information and data with dependability and reliability over a secure network.  

Fiber offers unmatched capabilities with scalable bandwidth, hardened security, and access to Internet Peering Points and Cloud Interconnect Sites to lower operational expenses while providing the network infrastructure for growth. Dark fiber assets are ideal for organizations with multiple locations in demanding topographies – from rural locations to congested urban settings.

Netsync Fiber serves a wide range of public sector entities, including government agencies and educational institutions, commercial clients as well as service providers. These organizations benefit from dark fiber services that support the addition of new sites or new services and the replacement of legacy networks.

Dark Fiber Agreements

Traditional Lease

New Model Reinvents Lease Arrangements

Netsync Fiber’s flexibility can accommodate large bulk bandwidth demands as well as smaller volume requests for your organization. Whether you need a few strands of fiber or hundreds of pairs – Netsync can accommodate. And if your demand runs for a month, a year or decades,  Netsync Fiber is ready to address your specific requirements.

Bill of Sale

Flexible Arrangements Make Fiber Easy

If you’re required to own, not lease, your own network, Netsync Fiber can deliver what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. We can provide fiber within shared systems or entire systems,  providing separate maintenance agreements that  allow you to take full advantage of shared cost infrastructure.

Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU)

Financial Arrangements Built for You

Netsync Fiber can provide customers an IRU that enables them to leverage existing capital to future-proof their network for years to come.

Netsync Fiber can work with enterprises to develop a network that supports strategic business priorities now and as well as future needs.


Helping teachers connect students to a world of learning with easy and fast Internet connectivity .

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Responding to a demanding and highly regulated industry to help provide better patient care.

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Data Centers

Enable secure and reliable connectivity and dependable access to your critical data.

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Commercial Enterprise

Connecting a global workforce with reliability and speed whether they’re in the office, on the road or or working from home

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Service Providers

Expanding dark fiber networks to support more customers with more interconnectivity in a cost model that is effective and repeatable.

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