Controlled Capacity Provides Enhanced Benefits

Building a private network – where you have access to the entire fiber capability – provides competitive advantages such as high bandwidth levels and reliable service when compared to shared networks. With no other customers sharing the network, this approach is highly secure and protects against degradation in speed and performance.

Private fiber networks can be installed quickly either through full construction installation to your facilities or by lighting up dark fiber already connecting your community. A private network is an ideal option to provide a high-capacity network solution for those who need unlimited bandwidth, complete service control and total reliability. You can select a variety of connectivity options from individual strands of fiber to complex multi-site, custom designs.

With the growing oversight around security, Boards of Directors and governance leadership are encouraging their organizations to adopt private networks.  Those entities that have implemented private fiber networks quickly realize the extensive list of benefits over and above the enhanced security profile.


Helping teachers connect students to a world of learning with easy and fast Internet connectivity .

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Responding to a demanding and highly regulated industry to help provide better patient care.

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Data Centers

Enable secure and reliable connectivity and dependable access to your critical data.

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Commercial Enterprise

Connecting a global workforce with reliability and speed whether they’re in the office, on the road or or working from home

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Service Providers

Expanding dark fiber networks to support more customers with more interconnectivity in a cost model that is effective and repeatable.

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