Connecting teachers and students to a world of learning.

Technology is ubiquitous in every classroom from K-12. Seamless, dependable Internet connectivity and scalable bandwidth help drive the learning experiences and success of our students. Netsync Fiber solution can be the most cost-effective and reliable way to provide this vital Internet service.

Netsync Fiber has worked extensively with the E-Rate program and can help leverage federal funds for capital improvements to school districts nationwide. With the federal Category 1 E-Rate program enabling schools to scale their Internet and WAN connectivity, it represents a critical source of funding for our schools to stay current.

Netsync Fiber’s success provides essential bandwidth infrastructure to schools and libraries by connecting districts with fiber optic cable that provides reliable, scalable and secure connectivity. This allows educational institutions to deploy digital educational tools and resources in a cost-effective and scalable manner

Dark Fiber Leasing & Sales

Netsync Fiber can scale to meet your growing demands or seasonal fluctuations easily. Dark fiber can be quickly lit to transport your critical information with dependability and reliability over a secure network to provide uncompromised unlimited bandwidth.

Conduit Leasing & Sales

Netsync Fiber’s expansive network of duct and conduit give you access so you can reach your customers quickly and easily; in any neighborhood, anywhere you need to go. Duct sales and leasing offer economical pathways and a platform to customize your fiber network to meet your needs.

Private Network Solutions

Our carrier grade private fiber optic network offers transport and connectivity options with the most reliable service available on the market. Private, high speed fiber connects your organization at a lower cost offering high reliability and redundant routing.